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DÉSIR D'ETRE CÉLÉBRE comes from our desire to build an empire that stands out and creates a way for many to change their lives. During adolescence, Tachelle & Gretchen have always wanted to build a platform, marking their territory and goals in the world; intended to build a passion for fashion and modeling through hope, prayer, strength, mortality, and will. “I wanted to use it as a gateway to create” is the motto that drives behind both these ladies. DÉSIR D'ETRE CÉLÉBRE fashion reflects their passion and represents their own desire for the humanities and their own desire for equality and all human diversity in all humans. The elegance of men and women. DÉSIR D'ETRE CÉLÉBRE expresses the hope of unity through humanity and clothing. Tachelle & Gretchen have built this empire and created the right look. DÉSIR D'ETRE CÉLÉBRE is the desire to express a unique fashion style. Each piece, born from different ethnic backgrounds, is created to tell a story in combination with the latest trending fashion. Gretchen & Tachelle have created something that stands out by adding vintage pieces and spicing them up in a modern one-off spin.

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